About Chi Kung

Chi Kung literally means “energy cultivation”


It is an ancient practice for health, longevity, as well to increase a sense of harmony with oneself and the world.


Chi can be interpreted as:


Natural force that fills and permeats the whole Universe


Bio electromagnetic field

The breath that sustains life

Kung can be interpreted as:




To master

To manage





So Chi Kung can be interpreted as:

“The enjoyable practice of life energy management”

The GOAL of Chi Kung is to achieve a harmonious existence in all circumstances of life. To achieve this, it is important that our attitude should be always one of enjoyment, openness, clarity of intent, perseverance, detachment, flexibility and creativity. Not only when we do our Chi Kung practice but in everyday life.   The practice itself will teach you this.

Overall Benefits:

Cleanse, balance, strengthen & cultivate your Vital Energy

Improve your health, longevity & harmony of your physical & subtle bodies as well with your environment.

Open & develop awareness of your breath

Grounding and Calming your mind

Reduces stress

Prepares your body for greater spiritual development

Types of Chi Kung Applications:

  1. Healing:  its main goal is to maintain health and to heal illnesses.  Excercise are just part of this Chi Kung.  Herbs, Acupuncture and Massage complement this are of Chi Kung.
  2. Martial Arts:  the main goal is to strengthen and to increase the power of fight.  To develop the spirit of the warrior through strength.
  3. Academic Studies:  its main purpose is the cultivation of the SELF in its ethical development.  The scholars emphasized their practice in meditation to purify he mind by focusing their training in regulating their body, mind and breath.
  4. Buddhist Chi Kung:  its goal is the purification of consciousness and the liberation of suffering.  It searches the state of the base through the 5 elements and to achieve liberation of reincarnation foal l sentient being.
  5. Taoist Chi Kung:  This is the Chi Kung of transmutation and alchemy. Its goal is longevity and immortality.  Through this training, enlightenment can be achieved.


Irene discovered Chi Kung in Vancouver in 2007.   During this time she has been studying 7 Lotus Chi Kung with Gretchen Anderson. Irene is a 7 Lotus Chi Kung Teacher in Training.  As well, she has received Taoist teachings and Chi Kung techniques for healing and spiritual practice from Dr. Carlos De Leon in Mexico and Canada. In 2012 Irene Traveled to Taiwan and China. She studied Zhi Neng Qi Gong with Master Karl in The Beijing Zhi Neng Healing Centre completing the first two levels. She also studied Qi Gong and Tai chi with Master Danny Lai in Taiwan for two months.


Irene believes that Chi Kung is a very important healing tool for patients and she tries to incorporate it into her Traditional Chinese Medicine Practice & Birth Doula Services depending on the needs of each person. Practicing Chi Kung can help complement the benefits of Acupuncture and other therapy modalities. If a person practices Chi Kung they will have longer lasting benefits of the treatments.