What is Chi Kung? Chi Kung is an ancestral spiritual technology that can be used for healing, martial arts, academics, and spiritual development, among other things. Chi Kung is based on the Taoist philosophy, and one of its goals is to understand nature and the relation human beings have within nature.

I believe Chi Kung can be a very powerful healing technique that can help heal the heart. I believe that by healing the heart, we can heal our relation with nature. If we heal our relation with nature, because we are part of nature, then we would be healing our relationships as well. And vice versa, because everything is connect, if we heal they way we relate to each other, or learn how to plant as a way to connect with nature, for example, our heart will be healed. Lets face it, it’s hard to maintain a heart to heart connection with people all the time, why? Because most of us are living through our heads, worrying about all the things we need to do during the day, the month, the year! But wouldn’t it be amazing if we could connect our mind to our heart everyday and live through a more loving and compassionate way? The world would be such a better place. Like Saint Augustine said “Be Love and Do What You Will”. I LOVE this!!

Ok, so now back to Chi Kung. Practicing Chi Kung every day, can help you connect with your heart and the qualities that go with it. As we all know energy cannot be created or destroyed only transformed. So anger, resentment, jealousy, attachment, and depression are all negative qualities of the Heart, but at the end of the day, they are just energy, and with the right awareness and practice, this negative qualities can be transformed into love, joy, compassion, equanimity, openness, receptivity and warmth. This I like to call the Alchemical powers of Chi Kung. All you need is already inside of you!

Here is a simple exercise that can help you connect to your heart:

The Inner Smile Practice:

1. Sit down comfortably in the floor or in a chair, spine is straight, neck is straight. Take 3 deep breaths and with every breath out, try to relax more and more.
2. Now bring your awareness to the soles of your feet and feel the connection to the earth.
3. Now bring your awareness to the top of your head and feel the connection to the sky.
4. Recognize that you are a channel where the energies of the earth and the sky meet, mingle and dance.
5. Now bring your awareness back to your feet and smile to your toes, say: “hello toes, I’m very grateful for having you”. And then move to your whole feet, and smile to your feet, then move up your legs, hips, smile to all your internal organs and be grateful for everything they do for you, and like that up to your shoulders, arms, hands, neck, head, eyes, tongue, nose, ears. Have a conversation of gratitude to each part of your body and smile at them. Be as creative as you want, it can be a short or long conversation. You will find that each area is different.
6. Inner smile to your whole body.
7. Feel what changed in your body? how does your heart feel? Is there more warmth? A softer quality in your energy?
8. Feel what didn’t change? What areas of your body still feel tighT? No judgment, just observe and permit whatever is there.
9. Take 3 deep breaths, bring your hands in front of your heart, and be grateful for having your beautiful body.