Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a 5000 yrs old medicine system that has its own theory, diagnosis and prognosis, different from western medicine.  The principles of TCM are based on the concepts of Yin-Yang and the 5 elements (fire, earth, metal, water and wood). Yin-Yang is the ancient understanding of how things work.  Yin-Yang are complementary opposites that create the universe. Yin represents water and the feminine energy.  Yang represents fire and the masculine energy. Yin-Yang creates the DAO.  From the DAO the 5 elements are manifested.  TCM believes a healthy person and a healthy environment depends on the balance of this 5 elements.  Because everything is interconnected, if one element is deficient or excessive, this will put all the internal systems in the body out of balance.   So the goal of TCM is to bring back the normal flow of Qi in your body so that it can heal itself.  TCM uses different modalities to address imbalances like:  Acupuncture, Moxa, Cupping, Tui Na or Chinese Therapeutic Massage, Ear Acupuncure, Electro Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine and Chi Kung.

BEFORE PREGNANCY:  Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine are great for helping you rebalance your body and enhance your fertility. Before you get pregnant its important to have a healthy and balanced body so that your womb can be as receptive as possible.

–       irregular periods                                                                         –      stress/anxiety/fear

–       dysmenorrhea                                                                             –      chronic fatigue

–       polycystic ovary syndrome                                                         –      weight management

–       idiopathic infertility                                                                     –      pain management

DURING PREGNANCY:  this period of your life can be the most beautiful but also it can be quite challenging.  Many changes are happening, physically and emotionally.  Chinese Medicine can help you cope with the changes and support you in the process of being pregnant.

–      morning sickness                                                                       –      neck/shoulder/upper back pain

–       low energy/fatigue                                                                     –      sciatica/ lower back pain

–       constipation/diarrhea                                                                –      hemorrhoids

–       heart burn                                                                                 –      high blood pressure

–       stress/anxiety management                                                     –      edema

BEFORE AND DURING LABOUR:  Acupuncture and Moxa can help promote a healthy baby position and a healthy energized mother for giving birth.

–       fetus mal-position                                                                      –      perineal preparation

–       early / delayed labour                                                                –      difficult labour

–       labour pain

AFTER PREGNANCY:  Chinese Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture can help you recover Qi and blood that was lost during labour.  By doing this you will regain strength and vitality so that you can have energy and be emotionally stable to cope will all new dynamics in your life as a new mom.

–       Fatigue                                                                                         –      insufficient lactation

–       Post Partum Depression                                                            –      abnormal uterine bleeding