CRACK, CRACK, CRACK… music to my ears… I love that sound! its the sound that gives you comfort and reassurance that for the moment some part of your spine is realigned. And when this happens, everything in your body has a feeling of expansion, of openness and rebalancing of energy and flow. Every cell in your body cries out a “THANK YOU”!

I was introduced to Chiropractic Medicine only last year when I started working at YYoga Flow Wellness. My first experience having an adjustment was with Dr. Brenda Akerley BSc.PT, DC. At first, I must admit, I was a little bit scared, because I’ve heard bad rumours about adjustments. But She was amazing! The treatment was holistic, integral and very effective. I started going back every week. And I started referring my Acupuncture patients to receive Chiropractic Medicine treatments with her with amazing results!

So now that I’m at the China Medical University of Taiwan, it doesn’t surprise me that Doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine can specialize in Traumatology, meaning, using both methods, Chiropractic Medicine and Acupuncture in one. I love this! You just have to go to one person to get the job done. Fantastic! I’ve been observing for two weeks, how patients with fractures, sprains, frozen shoulders, acute and chronic lower back pain, motor vehicle injuries, and many others, are being healed with manipulations and needles.

So what happens? Why are these two therapies so effective together? Ok, so when you get adjustments, and any bones that where out of place, now go back to their healthy, normal location, what happens is that no longer is there any abnormal pressure on any nerve, muscle or tendon. Pain gets relieved, pressure gets relieved, and with this you could say, that stress from your body is relieved. Very nice, don’t you think? And then, if you add the soothing and relaxing effects of Acupuncture, you get a very complete treatment. Acupuncture helps your body secrete natural analgesics that help relieve pain, as well as endorphines that help your body and mind relax. When the body relaxes, it gives signals to your whole endocrine-nervous system to start cell renewal and rejuvenation, like when we are sleeping. And if you throw in a third therapy like massage…. wow wow wow… healing with touch, manipulation and needles… Magic!