In Chinese Medicine, Spring is believed to be connected to the element Wood and to the color Green. Also, Spring is believed to be connected to the energetic system of Liver & Gallbladder. The negative qualities of the Liver & Gallbladder system are ANGER and STRESS. The positive qualities are GENEROSITY and KINDNESS. Spring is a great time to let go of the negative and cultivate the positive of the Liver & Gallbladder system. Spring is considered the beginning of a new cycle, the sprouting of new ideas, projects and visions. It’s a great time to clean house. By making room and getting rid of the old and what doesn’t serve anymore, we make room for the new cycles of life.

Chinese Medicine has many healing techniques. One of them is Chi Kung. Chi Kung is an ancestral spiritual technology that uses physical postures, breathing excercises and focused intention for cultivation of energy, awareness and health. Here is a simple Chi Kung exercise that can connect you to the element of WOOD. This exercise helps remove and clear stagnant energy from your Liver and Gallbladder system, as well it helps to nourish your Liver and Gallbladder system, by doing so, it will help you cultivate the qualities of kindness, benevolence, generosity, and creativity.



1. sit down so that your feet are flat on the floor.

2. close your eyes and take a deep breath in through your nose and a deep breath out through your mouth, breathing deeply into your belly and exhaling any discomforts in your body through your mouth. By doing this, your body relaxes more and more.

3. Now visualize a stream of bright GREEN energy entering your body through the crown of your head. Its important that the color is a bright color and not a dark one. This energy starts to fill up your whole body. The light goes from head to feet. Keep the flow of energy downwards.

4. This bright GREEN energy showers you inside and out, cleansing and purifying you. If you feel the energy getting stuck somewhere in your body, keep breathing the stream of bright GREEN energy to that area until it starts flowing downward. If you can, visualize all negative energy going downwards to the center of the earth where it is transmuted into light.

6. When you feel your whole body filled up, visualize your whole body translucid GREEN, spacious, light and expansive. Then let go of the visualization and rest in this energy.

This exercise is specially good for people that suffer:

– Anxiety/stress
– Anger issues
– Dysmenorrhea
– High blood pressure
– Fatty liver
– Ringing of the ear