Irene’s Back at YYoga

Irene’s Back at YYoga

Hello Friends,

I´m happy to announce, that after 6 months of traveling to China, Taiwan and Mexico, I´m coming back to YYoga Flow Wellness in Vancouver, BC, Canada,  starting first week of October to offer Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments.   TCM treatments include, depending on the diagnosis, Acupuncture, Tui Na, Cupping, Moxa, Ear Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine and/or Chi Kung.

Fall is upon us, and in Traditional Chinese Medicine we believe that it is on the trasitions of seasons, the most important time for us to take care of our body, mind and spirit.  Now is a good time to come for a treatment to strenghten your imnune system to prepare for the coming winter.  Also as leaves come off trees, its a good reminder for us to shed our body and mind of things we no longer need and prepare to go inside into more quieter times.

TCM is not only a good medicine to cure disease, but its a very good tool for prevention of disease and its a great tool to help us mantain our centre, clarity of mind and vitality in the transition of seasons and times.

For more information about Traditonal Chinese Medicine, please visit:

I hope you all had an amazing summer and I hope to see you very soon!

Much Blessings

Irene Sanchez-Celis R.TCMP

YYoga Flow Wellness
888 Burrard St, 2nd Floor
Vancouver, BC
604.682.FLOW (3569)

Available: THURS 2:30 PM- 9:00 PM  &   SAT 8:00 AM- 8:00 PM