SPARK THE SHAKTI ~ Women’s Empowerment through the Tantric Goddesses

SPARK THE SHAKTI ~ Women’s Empowerment through the Tantric Goddesses

6 Weeks Workshop Series

Join us for this 6 week journey to ignite your feminine power: your SHAKTI. During this workshop series we will be exploring the Tantric Goddesses as archetypical symbols of transformation. In Tantra, the Goddess is worshiped as Shakti – the cosmic feminine force or energy. Shakti is not an external power but our own power. Shakti, as the Goddess, is expressed through ten manifestations called Mahavidyas or the Great Wisdoms. Each of the Mahavidyas represent different aspects and qualities of Shakti. By creating a connection with the Goddesses we can integrate these powerful cosmic forces by finding them in ourselves, making us more complete women. The purpose of Tantra is to energize the Shakti dormant within us. To worship Shakti is to take back our own power.

The Mahavidyas we will be exploring during this workshop series are:
· Kamala ~ Prosperity, Abundance and Beauty
· Bhairavi ~ Fierceness
· Matangi ~ Creative Power
· Chinnamasta~ Wisdom and Sexual Power
· Tripura Sundari ~ Divine Beauty and Love
· Kali ~ Transformation
As we explore the Tantric Goddesses we will be working with different tools and techniques including:

Myth and Storytelling
Tantric Meditations
Mahavidya Practices
Conscious Dance
Chi Kung
Womb Healing Practices
Body Mind Therapy
Rituals and Ceremonies
Sound healing
Full moon and new moon women’s circles

Thursdays 6:30-9:30 pm
September 28
October 5, 12, 19, 26
November 2

Another Space Studio
1523 East Pender St.
Early Bird – $350
Register before August 28 for the early bird price and receive one free healing session with both Irene and Andrea
Regular – $375


A passion for healing and helping others has always driven my life. I recognized it as my calling from a young age. Along with this calling, a wide range of life experiences have shaped who I am: growing up in Mexico as part of a bicultural and bilingual home, earning a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree, traveling, and setting up my own bakery business. As a result of these experiences, I am able to readily reach out across cultures and remain open to a broad array of approaches.
More than any other facet of healing and nurturing, I have always been fascinated by childbirth. I strongly believe that the way in which we are born —our passage from womb to world— represents the first step in shaping who we will become. Since I moved to Canada three years ago, I have been on a journey to dedicate myself fully to becoming a healer and doula.

In April 2014, I completed the Holistic Doula Certificate at Pacific Rim College and Douglas College’s Breastfeeding Course for Health Care Providers. Later that year, I finished my studies to be certified as a Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York as I am very passionate about the healing powers of food and nutrition.
After becoming a doula and practicing in this field for some time, I realized that an important piece is missing from our birthing culture – mothering the mothers. I believe that as a modern society we have created great spaces and knowledge to support women during pregnancy and birth. However, I have witnessed that we place little attention to the mothers’ healing processes after the birth since almost all of our attention rests on the babies. I also believe that the best care for a baby will come from a healthy and supported mother. For these reasons, I have decided to shift the primary focus of my practice to one where I can help women heal and smoothly transition into motherhood.
For the past two years, my research has brought me into contact with amazing healers who have taught me the tools I need to provide this support. At the same time, I have become very interested in recovering traditional healing methods, especially from my Latin American heritage, since I have witnessed how powerful these healing methods are. I have received trainings in: the Arvigo Techniques of Mayan Abdominal Therapy, Traditional Mayan healing postpartum treatments such as the “Cerrada de Cadera”, Holistic Pelvic Care, Traditional Chinese Medicine healing methods, Body-Mind Therapy, Reiki, Thai Massage, flower remedies and sound healing. I am also currently enrolled in an Herbal Medicine for Women’s Health program. My healing philosophy revolves around the belief that each woman is different and thus requires a different approach. As a result, my practice integrates all of these holistic methods and techniques in order to create custom packages that help each woman on their personal healing journey.
Many of the skills and practices I have learned are not limited to postpartum but can serve as very powerful healing tools for women’s reproductive health issues in general. Therefore, I have extended my vision to work with women outside of the birthing process. These practices can be especially helpful for fertility, menopause or even for postpartum recovery years after giving birth. I have founded Lila so that it can slowly grow to become a team of practitioners who will become the tribe we need to provide women a space to heal. My mission is to empower and support women by bringing them into their bodies, especially during the birthing process, so that they can thrive and live in their power and radiance.

Irene Sanchez-Celis is a Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Acupuncturist & Birth Doula in British Columbia, Canada. Prior to studying TCM, Irene graduated from Medical School in Mexico in 2005. It was during her year of Medical Social Service in Chiapas that she was exposed to other types of Medicine. Chiapas is a región in Mexico that has a very rich Mayan Herbal Medicine. She saw that her patients very often got better with herbs and not with durgs. This opened he eyes and she started searching alternatives to Western Medicine. Irene found a local healer that used herbs, & acupuressure with whom she went through a personal healing journey for irregualr and painful menstruation. Amazed of how well she felt, she decided to change paths and venture into the alternative side of medicine. She then found her former TCM school and came to Vancouver in 2007.
Irene is also a Birth Doula. “Doula” means “a woman that serves”. A Birth Doula is someone that gives continuous emotional and physical support to a woman in labour and her partner. Irene believes every birth is sacred and unique, and that with the right information and support, every couple can have a positive and empowered experience. During her Medical Social Service in Mexico, Irene atended more tan 50 births as the primary healtchare physician. She witnessed the power and strenght women have during their birthing time and it was then when she fell in love with birthing and knew she wanted to be a part of this always. Irene is also a placenta encapsulation specialist and loves to prepare this amazing medicine as part of the postpartum care for Mamas.
For the past 10 years, Irene has had the privilage of studying and receiving teachings from many great teachers. The main áreas of study have been: Yoga, Chi Kung, 5 Rythm’s Dance, Shamanism, Taoism, Tantra, Buddhism and Ontogonic Body-Mind Therapy.
Irene believes healing comes from the integration of body-mind-spirit. Her goal as a healthcare practitioner is to offer tools of transformation for people to reconnect to their higher self. Irene specializes in Women’s Health and is passionate with everything to do with women’s moon cycles. She loves being a Birth Doula but her dream is to support women at all stages of life to feel empowere so that they can be radiant lights within their communities. Besides the art of healing, Irene loves nature, snowboarding, dancing, cooking, spending time with her family, friends and her dog Muluk.