Taking Flight To The Holy Land

Taking Flight To The Holy Land

So after one month of being in Vancouver, I’m taking flight again to Israel.  It has been very interesting the process of decision of going or not going…. Should I stay or should I go…. like the song.   From the outside, my decision doesn’t make sense.  Its totally illogical that just being one month back, and starting again my Traditional Chines Medicine Practice, which I LOVE, I’m leaving again, creating a break in the momentum of work.  But sitting with it in the bottom of my heart, the pull is so strong, that I have no other choice but to go.  What is the pull, you might ask?  I still don’t have that one clear, and I guess once I’m there I will find out!

The motivation of this 3 week trip to the Holy Land, is Kabbalah.  What is Kabbalah?  Well Kabbalah is a 3500 old oral tradition, and it is the root of all Judeo-Christian religions.  Kabbalah comes from the Hebrew word Kebel and it means to receive, so Kabbalah is a spiritual technology that teaches how to be connected with God and how to have a personal connection with God.

So in a way, myself being born a Catholic, I’m going back to my roots.  After exploring other spiritual philosophies, like Buddhism, Tantra, Shamanism and Daoism, I finally feel I’m ready to explore my original connection to God.  Its very interesting to see how everything comes full circle.

I’m going to be sharing this spiritual pilgramage with 13 other people, touring together, sleeping together, eating together.  I’m sure being in community for 3 weeks are going to bring some challenges, but I’m looking forward to be part of a group that is like-minded and to share  this amazing  experience.

The highlights of our journey are:

  • Tel Aviv and Jaffa
  • Old City of Jerusalem
  • Sefet, The Sea of Galilee
  • Heifa, Mount Tabor
  • Caesarea
  • Nazareth
  • Masseda and Dead Sea
  • Petra (Beduin Camp)

Much Blessings and see you at my return Nov 28!