Wind of Harmony

Wind of Harmony

Every day I finish clinical observation at 5pm, and yesterday, I decided to go explore more the campus. The China Medical University of Taiwan is made out of 4 buildings all around a big park. The main building is where Chinese Medicine students and Western Medicine Students have their classes and training, and inside the main building, there is a green space for the students to exercise and rest in between classes.

When I entered the main building, I saw a sea of students, walking up and down stairs, coming in and out of the many entrances, and in and out of elevators. I felt I was in a very busy and active school and the students seemed happy, chatty and busy. I went through the main hallway, and passed through a back entrance where I entered the green space. In the middle of this area, I saw a huge silver round sculpture. I got close to it to read the words in the plate underneath it, hoping that their would be in english translation, and there was one. Which made me very happy. What I read in it seemed like the philosophy of the school, which I thought was really beautiful, and love how this is the energy every student of this University is infused with. So here it is:

The shape of the sculpture is the Chinese character of “union”, implying the philosophical idea of “the union of Heaven and mankind”. It also means harmony. “When the mean and harmony exist in perfection, Heaven and Earth are in their proper state, and everything is nourished”. This represents the Chinese wisdom of life. The upper part is the Chinese character of “human”, indicating the utmost respect for life as the well as human quest for spiritual freedom; the ball in the middle represents the Earth and symbolizes the harmonious relationship between man and nature and the well-rounded cultivation of mind and virtue. The base is the Chinese character of “mouth”, connoting the dissemination of knowledge. With solid knowledge as the base together with the well-nurtured virtue, we shoulder the duty of benefiting the world, realizing the ideal of “truth, goodness, and beauty”. and advancing the welfare of the society, as spring breezes make trees and grass greener. Hence the title “The Wind of Harmony”.