Initial Visit

/ 90 min session

Follow Up Visit

/ 75 min session

Follow up Visit

/ 60 min session

Vitamin Injections


Acupuncture for Birthing Preparation 

Starting at 36 weeks of pregnancy, once a week 75 min treatment, until birth.

Acupuncture for Labour Support


Postpartum Acupuncture House Visits



  • Package One

  • CAD$320/mo
    • 4 treatments 60 min

  • Package Two

  • CAD$600/mo
    • 8 treatments 60 min

    [/qode_pricing_table title="Package Three" target="_self" button_size="small" active="no" price="$840" currency="CAD" button_text="BOOK NOW" link=""]

    • 12 treatments 60 min

Acupuncture works best with continuous treatments. You will get more benefits if you receive treatments once a week for one month. I usually recommend this to new patients, but of course it all depends on the specific needs of the patient. Ideally all people should receive at least 4 tune up treatments a year, during the changing of seasons, this is to prevent illnesses because it is in the changing of seasons where are chi is most deficient and we are susceptible to illness or in Chinese terms, evil chi. TCM is a preventative medicine and can help you stay strong, vital and free of mental & emotional negative conditions during the entire year!